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We will match you with a lender that does not require a traditional credit check to approve your loan, so even if you have bad credit you can still be approved.

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An installment loan is the name given to any type of loan that borrowers pay back over a preset length of time. Mortgage, auto, and personal loans all fit into this category. The loans offer convenience for the borrower as the lender divides the loan amount into consistent payments so it easy for people to budget for the expense. Many people prefer this type of loan over the unpredictability of credit cards.

The ease of availability is what makes installment loans popular. Many financial institutions and private lenders offer installment loans to people with a wide range of credit scores. Even those with the lowest credit scores have loan options available to them. Most lenders that offer loans specifically for people with bad credit or no credit advertise themselves as no credit check loans. Unfortunately, borrowers need to use caution because some installment loans of this type can harm them financially more than they help. Here is what all consumers need to know before the acceptance of any loan.  

Benefits of No Credit Check Loans

Fast Loan Decision

Lenders that offer installment loans without a credit check can often deliver the money to their clients in a very short amount of time. Many will deposit the loan amount directly into the bank account of the borrower in 24 hours or less. The speed works perfectly for people that need the money for an emergency.

Simple Qualification Standards

Most people qualify for no credit check installment loans, but not everyone. The lenders still need to know the borrower has the means to repay the loan along with the interest charges and any other fees. The lender will want to see proof of employment or another form of regular income. Lending companies usually accept disability or social security payments, but are less inclined to approve loans for people with only unemployment income or a short history of self-employment income.

An established bank account is another necessity for loan qualification. Short-term lenders typically prefer to deposit the money for the loan directly to the account of the borrower. Most lenders will also require the borrower to set up automatic payments for an instant withdrawal on the agreed upon loan date. It is possible to find lenders that offer loans to consumers without a bank account, but the borrower will have fewer lenders available to them and may need to offer collateral.  

Better Financial Option

Few loan options exist for consumers with bad credit scores. Credit card companies frequently raise interest rates and lower the amount of available credit when a credit score drops. Sometimes it takes only one missed or late payment for this to happen. Not everyone has access to or wants payroll advances or to borrow money from friends or family. An installment loan that does not require a credit check often becomes the only loan option for some people, and it is a much better choice than the losses people can suffer during a financial emergency.

Safe Loan Process

The companies that offer installment loans of this type are not the payday lenders of the past. Many of these lenders handed out money with the use of in-house contracts and participated in questionable collection tactics. The deals they offered had a lot of hidden fees that borrowers were not always aware of when they accepted the loan.

Many reputable companies now offer no credit check loans that follow all federal regulations. The contracts clearly outline the terms of the agreement. Borrowers know exactly how much they will pay for each installment, the total they will repay at the completion of the contract, and the amount of the payments applied towards the loan interest. The company must also offer a complete list of all fees and extra charges.

Alternative Repayment Plans

Installment lenders sometimes allow extension plans. Borrowers that discover they cannot repay the loan as expected can apply for an extension that stretches out the length of the loan. The opportunity comes at a cost to the borrower, as interest charges continue to accumulate and there may be additional fees.  

Borrowers that meet the income requirements of the lender can also sometimes borrow an additional amount before the end of the original contract. The option is useful for people that suddenly realize the amount they borrowed will not cover their needs. The lender will combine the two loans and supply a new contract with the loan details for the new balance.

Small Loan Amounts

Banks and other lenders do not like to complete paperwork and perform background checks on a small amount of money. Borrowers that choose to use these institutions may have to request more money than they need to have their loan accepted. It is possible to receive no credit check loans for much smaller amounts, so people never have to take on more debt than necessary. In fact, many lenders cap the money the lend at a $5,000 maximum.

Few Assets Needed

Signature loans like short term installment loans do not ask for collateral. Borrowers do not need to have a home, vehicle or valuable items like stocks or jewelry to get a loan. The added benefit to this is that borrowers that do have these items do not need to feel like the loan has put them at risk.

Confidential Loan Option

Installment loan companies often have brick and mortar locations, but do the bulk of their lending with online customers. People that prefer to keep their financial matters private will appreciate the anonymity of an online installment loan application. Online forms, direct deposit and automatic withdrawals make independence possible even for people with accessibility issues or a lack of transportation.

The Drawbacks

Expensive Loan Option

No credit check installment loans typically have higher interest rates and fees than other installment loans. The rates sometimes rival or exceed the average credit card interest rate. However, the total amount paid back for the loan is usually much lower than what people pay out to a credit card company because of the short duration of the loan payments.  

Ineffective Credit Repair

Someone with bad credit due to bankruptcy or prior late payments will not improve their credit rating with this type of installment loan. The option is also one that does not help people with no credit. Most lenders that do not perform credit checks before they approve a loan application do not usually report the payments to a credit agency either. It is possible for the loan to harm a credit rating, because the lenders do contact credit agencies if the customer fails to repay the loan.

Short Repayment Term

Many people expect to pay back an installment loan over a few years. Mortgages usually run from 15-30 years and personal and auto loans can last from 2-10 years. A no credit check installment loan is also known as a short-term loan and the repayment period usually lasts from a week up to 90 days. The length of time can vary between lenders and the amount of money borrowed.

In many instances the short term helps the borrower. It is easier for people to remain committed to a repayment plan that does not drag out for years. People cannot easily predict financial stability over a period of years, but can accurately estimate their budget for the next couple of months. A fast repayment term also lowers the amount of interest that accumulates on the loan.

Disreputable Lenders Exist

The government carefully regulates the lending industry to protect consumers from the harm caused by predatory lenders and operations that run scams on people in need. Not everyone follows the law. Consumers must do their research to avoid any problems. The short-term loan industry is a target for unscrupulous people because they know that many of the customers that choose this option have an immediate need for cash.

Borrowers can easily avoid the risk through research. Verify the lender license with the state regulator in the state where the company operates. Refuse to do business with any company that does not have a license or presents a fraudulent license. Check the interest rate the business charges for their loans and make certain the amount is within the capped amount allowed in the state.


No credit check installment loans work well for borrowers that use them correctly. Most borrowers appreciate the fast, simple application process. The loans help consumers in a serious financial bind to handle their emergency immediately. Consumers experience a problem-free transaction when they have the means to repay the loan, have a reliable income source, and read and understand the contract before they sign the agreement.

People that should not accept this type of loan include those that regularly overdraw their bank accounts or know their source of income is in jeopardy. Consumers that use a payday loan to cover recurring monthly bills or to pay off other loans can easily cause themselves more financial harm. It is also illegal for anyone to accept an installment loan immediately before they file for bankruptcy. The action can cause a dismissal of the bankruptcy case.

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